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Scientific Trawl Surveys (TruSt)

Make your data answer your questions

The new Windows Application TruSt for storing, managing and analyzing Scientific Trawl Surveys data was released and it is proficently used by several insitutions

The main features developed in TruSt:

  1. Software:
    1. Standalone application not tied to any proprietary software.
    2. New graphic interface, It adapts to the screen resolution.
    3. Navigation menu with a modern flair to APP.
    4. Geo-referentiality obtained by an embedded open source software.
    5. Possibility to store intermediate/final results.
    6. Deep usage of visual approach in developing forms
    7. More intuitive data selection panel
    8. More intuitive interface for data analysis
  2. New Database Engine for Server database:
    1. MS Access 2010-2016 (*.accdb).
    2. MySQL.
    3. PostgreSQL.
  3. Data Management:
    1. CTD data input and retrieval.
    2. Multiple gears catch (several gears per haul e.g. trawl net and cover or several beam trawls).
    3. More complete “maturity scale” management (Alphanumeric degrees)
    4. Age data input and retrieval.

TruSt will be continuously maintained by a developer team that will solve eventually present bugs and will improve performance of the built-in functions and procedure.

The new revised versions will be automatically released through the TruSt web site. The installed software will automatically check for updates asking the user to install the newest version.

TruSt is designed as a modular software and new functions and procedures can be easily developed and distributed. The purpose is to improve and maintain the management and analysis tools of TruSt with the active contribution of the users that are encouraged to support changes in already present tool and to suggest new ones.

Download TruSt (12/05/2023 09:00)

If necessary download and install Access Database Engine

If necessary download and install MapWinGIS Engine

TruSt Users

Dr. Giuseppe Scarcella​

Dr. Nedo Vrgoč – Dr. Igor Isailovic​

Dr. Ioannis Thasitis