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GIS and Database services for environment and fishery management

Spatial Databases improve knowledge to preserve natural resources and meet environmental protection

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Stamattina (7 agosto 2023)  intervista, a Fano, del giornalista Daniele Andreani per parlare della nuova applicazione per il monitoraggio della pesca nell’Adriatico sviluppata da Kosmosambiente.

Non perdetevi il servizio in onda su Tv Centro Marche, canale 10, questa sera alle ore 19.30, 20.30, 23.00. Buona visione!

Fisheries data

"Fisheries data are vital to strategic planning activities in coastal communities that rely on fisheries. Fishery management authorities are responsible to use fisheries data for creating policies for the orderly and sustainable development and management of fisheries. Civil authorities use fisheries data to site marinas, underwater pipes and cables, and other maritime facilities, and to develop infrastructure for the fishing industry. Bankers use fisheries data to plan economic development and loan packages to fishermen, fish processors, and ship suppliers. Fishermen themselves use fisheries data to plan future fishing activities, such as shifts to new fishing grounds, changes in fishing gear, and changes in species targeted. However, fishermen often use their own data sources, including their own logbooks and observations, and what they learn from other fishermen and buyers, instead of using pubblic available data. This may occur because of some fishermen's mistrust of public data, the frequent lag time in availability of such data (often too great to use public data in business planning), and the lack of data for the geographic area and type of fishery in which a specific fisherman is engaged." (National Research Council. 2000. Improving the Collection, Management, and Use of Marine Fisheries Data. Washington, DC: The National Academies)

Fishing Vessels AIS Data

This data concerning vessel traffic is available in standardized format to all countries in the world and represent a big data source with great potential. This unlocks large amounts of data, which is a potentially huge source of information once it has been made suitable for statistical use.

Scientific Trawl Surveys (TruSt)

The TruSt software has been designed to store and analize data from Scientifica Trawl Surveys. The software Graphic User Interface was conceived and designed to be an ‘intuitive’ but also powerful tool to store and perform basic processing of the data collected...

Benthic Fauna Surveys (BEASTs)

The BEASTs software is a computerized system for organizing, storing and undertaking some preliminary analyses of the dataset available after the Benthic Fauna surveys...

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"The importance of GIS is based on the fact that all earth processes and functions are inherently spatial. GIS are unique in their ability to conduct spatio-temporal analyses in order to understand complex earth processes." (Carocci et al. FAO 2009)


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